Andrea Pirlo announced his retirement from his career

Italian veteran has announced he will suspend his shoes after the end of his contract with New York City in December.

 Andrea Pirlo announced his retirement from his career
The contract between Andrea Pirlo and New York City will end in December. The American side was keen to extend the contract, but the Italian midfielder refused because he felt he was not healthy enough to continue his career.

On this occasion, Andrea Pirlo also announced his retirement from grass field at the age of 38. The intention was shared by former Juventus star Gazzetta dello Sport.

"You realize that the time has come. Every day, you have a physical problem, can not practice as expected. At my age, that was enough. You can not play until age 50. I'll do something different.

At the age of 38, the best way is to give chances to young players. I'm not angry. Instead, I will give my hand to the team and the coach. I will return to Italy in December. Working with Conte? They say so but I have another idea. Give me time to decide, "Andrea Pirlo said.

Since starting his career in Brescia in 1995, Andrea Pirlo has spent 22 years with the ball. He has gone through six different colors, including Brescia, Inter Milan, Reggina, AC Milan, Juventus and New York City.

Since then, Pirlo has had a total of 755 appearances in all competitions, scoring 73 goals. The career of this talented midfielder was quite successful with six Serie A titles, two Champions League titles and many other big and small titles.

With Italy, Pirlo also made it to the top of the world in 2006. He announced his retirement from international career after the 2014 World Cup but still playing for Italy in the 2016 qualifiers.

Andrea Pirlo's decision to hang shoes made many Italian fans lose because this is a rare talent midfielder of football country pasta. The tifosi have a reason to remember Pirlo through the shots of the panelka or the super free kick became the brand.
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