Difference of Lukaku after MU

Roberto Martinez has revealed that Romelu Lukaku has become a more mature man after moving to Man Utd.

Not many coaches in the world understand Romelu Lukaku more than Roberto Martinez. The Spaniard has brought Lukaku to Everton in the form of a loan from Chelsea in 2013.
One year later, Martinez persuaded Everton to spend a record £ 28million to buy off Lukaku. By the time of Everton sacked in 2016, Martinez spent three years working with Lukaku at Goodison Park.

However, the charm between this coach and the Belgian striker does not end there. Just three months after being sacked by Everton, Martinez unexpectedly was appointed by the Belgian Football Association as a replacement for Marc Wilmots.

Watching Lukaku at the height of his life as well as the player's life, Martinez easily discovered the striker's great changes after moving to Man Utd. In his view, the transfer to Old Trafford has made Lukaku more mature.
Martinez told The Sun: "I have witnessed a great deal of maturity in Romelu since he moved to Man Utd. He is still a young player but now he is facing pressure. It's easier than ever before, and anything in the U-turn will motivate him. "
 Difference of Lukaku after MU

"Romelu is one of the players who likes to set goals for themselves, and we can see he is on the right track."

For us, the most important thing is that he will continue to shine in the finals 10 months later. "
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