Lewandowski and Poland went straight to Russia

Table E of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Europe ended with Poland topping the table, while Denmark finished second.

Thus, the final round of Group E, the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Europe ended without unexpected happenings. Last night, Poland defeated Montenegro and won the top spot with 25 points. Denmark maintained their second place in Group E with 20 points after Romania drew 1-1 at home. So Lewandowski and his team-mates had tickets to Russia in the following season. Meanwhile, Denmark will have to play in the play-off round to compete ticket to the 2018 World Cup finals.

Back to the main events of these two matches last night. At home, Poland easily won 4-2 against Montenegro. In this match, the Polish coach, Adam Nawalka used the strongest team to find victory, not goal 1 point. On the side of the visitors, Montenegro at lower level, but they are forced to play attack to hope to go forward.
But when not ready to deploy their own Montenegro received two consecutive cold water from the home team. Maczynski and Grosiki's two consecutive goals in the sixth and sixth minute gave Poland a 2-0 lead.
The idea of ​​Montenegro will give up but not, the visitors are still hard on attack and they have paid off. Mugosa and Vukcevic scored two goals in 78 and 83 when Montenegro equalized twice. However, when the visitors have rekindled hope Lewandowski immediately extinguished it with a goal in the 85th minute. Then 2 minutes, the visitors' Stojkovic mistakes home and set a 4- 2 for Poland.
With this victory, Poland won the World Cup finals 2018. In addition, striker Lewandowski also scored the most impressive scoring qualifying with 16 shots after 10 games. If the gray lion's star still maintains its current performance, Poland can dream of going deep into next summer.

At the same time, Denmark will receive Romania with a goal of a play-off ticket. Therefore, the game was very tedious and the first half had no goals scored.
In the second half, the game was nothing more progressive but luck came to Denmark. The home side earned a penalty in the 59th minute and Eriksen missed the opportunity to open the match.
The advantage to continue to favor the home team when Romania have to play 10 people from the 63 minutes Cristian Ganea player received the second yellow card. However, not so that Romania to go down the match. They are still playing hard to find the goal of honor. The visitors' tireless endeavors were finally rewarded as they scored the equalizer in the 89th minute. This was the final score of the match.
Although not able to get tickets to go forward but Romania has shown great willpower. This is also a lesson for colors that other national teams should learn. Denmark finished second in Group E and won the play-offs. However, the chances for Eriksen and his teammates are still very difficult. Because they may face one of the very strong teams like Portugal or Italy.
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