When to draw the World Cup 2018?

The draw for the 2018 World Cup is scheduled to take place on December 1 in Russia, which hosts the tournament.

Time to draw the World Cup 2018

The 2018 World Cup will be start on Friday, December 1st in Moscow.
 When to draw the World Cup 2018?
This event will take place at the Stade Kremlin Palace with the participation of 6000 people.

Which teams have won tickets to the 2018 World Cup finals?

As usually, the 2018 World Cup will feature 32 teams, including Russia and 31 qualifying teams from five member associations. Europe is the region with the most teams to attend (13). In contrast, Oceania had only one representative on the condition that they had to surpass the team ranked fifth in South America in the match ticket.
In addition to the Russian hosts, nine teams have officially won tickets to the finals of the World Cup, including England, Brazil, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

How to draw the round table of the World Cup 2018

Like previous World Cups, Russian hosts will be placed in the # 1 seed category. The remaining 31 teams will be ranked in four groups based on the order published on the day. 16/10/2017.

That means the top seven teams in the FIFA rankings will join Russia in the No. 1 seed. According to the current FIFA table, almost certainly Brazil, Germany and Belgium will be in the priority seed category. .

 Russia 2018 World Cup Draw

Like the previous World Cup finals, the draw will be conducted according to the principle that teams belonging to the same league will not be in the same group, except Europe. However, the number of European teams in the same league is a maximum of 2.

Time for the 2018 World Cup finals

World Cup 2018 will officially open on Thursday, June 14 with the opening match of the Russian host. The finals will be held one month later, on July 15.
The 2018 World Cup finals will be held in 12 stadiums across Russia.

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