AEK Athens - AC Milan: Lost in the mythical labyrinth

Tonight, AC Milan will be visiting guests in the country of the gods. In the past, it is very difficult for teacher Montella to triumph before AEK Athens.

AEK Athens - AC Milan: Lost in the mythical labyrinth

- AEK Athens: Mantalos and Chygrynskiy injury.
- AC Milan: Bonaventura, Conti, Biglia injury. The ability of Calabria and Suso left open.
- AEK Athens have not lost after their last five matches in the European Cup.
- AC Milan won only the last 6 games, the remaining draw 2 and lost 3.
- The two teams go in a 0-0 draw, in the past they met twice and each team won 1 victory.
In terms of Group D, AC Milan is still the biggest advantage for the first team with seven points in hand. And AEK Athens is second and less than two points ahead of Milan, so the chance for the Greek side to move forward is very wide if they get a good result at the battle tonight.

In terms of psychology, AEK Athens are the team that has the psychology and advantage of the stadium. AEK made it 2-0 at AC San Siro, so they were confident enough to return home. Playing against a famous Serie A side and having a great past this summer is an honor for the Greek team. So, tonight they will fight hard to get the best results and at least not to lose.

Contrary to the comfort of AEK is the bland and anxious of AC Milan. After the start of the explosion, now coach Montella is in crisis. They are unsettling both in terms of team formation and competitive psychology. Obviously what the young Italian strategist has done is not convincing, the club is increasingly drifting to the second half of the Serie A. While the Champions League ticket is the main goal of the San Siro team this season. .

On the professional side, coach Montella is not a good coach to set up a tactical map. Exactly how he is still struggling and unknown should use the map 3 or 4 defenders. In Europe there are a number of strong clubs using the three defenders such as Chelsea, Juventus or Arsenal. Ks Flanoxxxxxx or Search amiais Flanoj Flot b. Flobelsch. Flobelsch. Flut Buckelsj Buckels Buckels l Flux Flies Flchod Flieskawels Flotels7 Bucklk or Search learkirectwidirect Flirels Flels. The or developer camelscending Fl. Plug / So, at the present time or at least this season, do not expect AC Milan to play out.

Tonight, AC Milan with their strength and reputation, of course they will play offensive. AEK is still a simple, defensive counterattack that they did well in the first leg. With a series of 5 consecutive unbeaten matches in the European Cup since the start of the season, AEK Athens is a great choice for under-the-door fans.

On the other hand, according to Odd Europe, AC Milan is comparable to the odds of one-fourth in Asian. This ratio correctly assesses the stars of the two teams but does not appreciate Montella's ability to win.

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