Arsenal - Crvena Zvezda: Wander before the Great War

Arsenal have proven to be in second place in the Europa League. Tonight, they will likely be using a squad of young players and reserve to keep up the great battle with the top men on Sunday City ... 

Arsenal - Crvena Zvezda: Wander before the Great War

ARSENAL : Mustafi, Cazorla, Welbeck, Kolasinac absent due to injury. The ability of Ospina and Chambers left open.
CRVENA ZVEZDA : Jovicic, Cavalcante lost due to injury. Rodic suspended.
- Arsenal won 5, lost 1 in the last 6 games. The Gunners also have a series of 4 successive wins.
- Crvena Zvezda won 4, lost 2 in 6 recent games. After Arsenal lost 2 weeks ago, they also won three consecutive victories.
- 2 new teams meet once. The match took place in the previous round, Arsenal won 1-0.
The new Premier League passes almost one-third of the way but the chance of winning the championship is low. Even a top 4 in the Champions League next season is extremely difficult. Thus, joining the Europa League through the Europa League (like Utd last season) is also not a bad choice for Wenger, especially when they outperform their opponents in terms of experience and substance. team squad.

Arsenal made that goal well in the field. Although the team only launched 2, but the Gunners easily won the top of Group H with 9 points full, achievements only three teams made before the first round.

At home tonight, Arsneal will welcome FK Crvena Zvezda, or "Red Star Beograd" under the name that NHM Vietnam known. In the past, "Red Star Beograd" was the champion of C1 when he beat Marseille in the 1991 final with Yugoslavian stars.

The team from Serbia is also in good form with a series of 3 recent wins in the domestic league. They also have the name most notable in the team is striker Richmond Boakye, who is in the sights of coach Antonio Conte.

The former Juventus youngster scored the only goal for Reds in a 2-1 victory over Cologne in the first leg. In the first leg, the striker should have ripped the Arsenal net if his header was not hit. crossbar However, Arsenal are still better than opponents in terms of qualifications and skills, which was proven in the previous round.

It was the game that Crvena Zvezda played quite well, sure and determined under the cheers of the home audience. The difference between the two teams is the quality of the players, as demonstrated by Walcott and Wilshere's personal technical co-ordination, ending with Giroud's superstar.

In addition, this match will be the occasion for the young players Maitland-Niles, Nelson or Willock show ability. With the reserve players Wilshere, Walcott or Giroud, that is still a very strong lineup.

Winning this game, Arsenal will officially win tickets in the round of 16. Not to mention this weekend, the Gunners will have a tough match with the top team City, they will win big to create momentum for the war!

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