Zidane is facing a crisis in Real

After more than 18 months quietly leading Real Madrid, coach Zinedine Zidane is facing the first crisis in the Santiago Bernabeu.

Zidane is facing a crisis in Real

Since leading Real Madrid in January 2016, the French strategist spent his days dreaming with the White Vulture. The Santiago Bernabeu is literally "home" to take charge of Zidane's talent as a manager.

However, the wind began to emerge with Zizou after a string of extremely battered. In the last 10 La Liga, Los Blancos was disappointed with the loss at the rookie Girona to score 1-2. The result is that they are ahead of Barcelona by eight points in the table. The season is still long but this is a bad sign for the defending champion.

Desperately, the problem is slowly emerging with the White Vulture. Earlier, they set a record of 14 straight away wins in La Liga. And no one expected, blocking the momentum of the advancement of Real Madrid is a little Girona. However, it exposes the alarming situation in the Bernabeu at the present time.
Actually, there are too many problems with Zidane this season. He and his pupils steadily landed in front of unpopular teams like Valencia and Levante, even losing to Real Betis.

Most of all, it is the professional mistakes that French strategists have to bear. In front of a not-so-highly rated Girona defender, Kiko Casilla, Nacho and Sergio Ramos goalkeeper Marcelo and Achraf Hakimi. But the pillars like Ramos or Marcelo are only his own shadow while the young players proved too inexperienced.

At the top, it was a lack of ideas for Isco playing personal, selfish, while Ronaldo and Karim Benzema showed off the odd charm. This failure has made the Madrista more reluctant to stop James Rodriguez and Alvaro Morata, the super-reserves at the Bernabeu.
Obviously, the injury has a great impact on the overall performance of the team but can not admit, the policy is somewhat wrong in the transfer is the key to Los Blancos in the current situation. And above all, Zidane is responsible for that.

"I am very pleased to receive the Best Award for Best Coach but I do not think I am the best in the world. I am lucky to work at the best club in the world with the best players. To be honest, I like to do what I'm doing and that is my passion, my source, "said the best of the London awards, not long ago in London, England, Zidane said.

Previously, as a contemporary of his predecessors working for Real Madrid, when the same team won seven titles, including two Champions League titles and one La Liga, Zidane said: "I was I'm here for 18 months and I do not know how long I'll be here. It's important that I enjoy this wonderful moment, "said the French strategist who knew everything could change quickly in a club known as the" coach mill "like Real Madrid.
At the moment, everything is under Zidane's control, but he faces a number of challenges that he himself can not foresee.
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